Monday, July 09, 2012

To De Rozenkrans Internaat at Oostduinkerke

De Rozenkrans Internaat - click picture for enlarge
Today I went to internaat. Honest, I am become nervouse since from home, while my mummy busy with my stuff. But after arrived there, I did enthusiastic. Then we went to the room of me for 5 day. Really different. I felt lonely and very sad... My mom, put my stuf all to the cabinet at the room. And my siblings with my dad around me laugh and happy.

I cried near my mom, I wish could go home with her, but she said, "I promise when you already the best reading and writting, you will be go back to normal school..." She also cried, and I promise will do the best..!

Here is more infomation about my Internaat :

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