Monday, July 25, 2011

Yesterday was my brother Aldrich Birthday. Now He is 3 year old. We celebrate just at home. Drinking 7UP, eat some cake and dinner spaghettie with mealball. And of course special present for him, which is Lego Cars; Tow Mater. He already have Lighting McQueen from my birthday present last month :)

Happy birthday Aldrich...(»'⌣'«)


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Branding, De Haan City
Last Friday I went to visit oma from my church at Branding, De Haan City. Here in cafetaria. My mum order hot chocolate for me and for my sister-brother too...

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

To Auchan Supermarche Grande Synthe
Every month me and my family always go shopping to AH Supermarket Netherlands or go to Auchan in France. And yesterday I went to Auchan. Check out this link Auchan Supermarche. While in suprmarket I shocked looking crab very big and still a life and I stand very closer with the boxes within all the crabs.

After we found all for our shop and payed. I asked mum to go to Flunch Restaurant because I got hungry. And I ate kids menu. The same like Aubree and Aldrich too... My mum said very cheaper only 3,40 EUR I got steak hhhmmm lekker!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Lego Paleis Again
This is the second year Lego Company open activity at summer for kids. I love to go here. They do competition for all challenger and win Present Lego Set. As you know if you want buy Lego Toy in shop that is very expensive. Maybe, I will win hehehe... 

Yesterday, I went with my dad, Aubree and Aldrich to Kinepolis where Lego Paleis been there. I made big home but unfinish. It's fun, after that I also did body art with spiderman theme on my face.. Of coure my bro-sis too...

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Braderie and Rommelmarkt (Garage Sale)
Since official summer session, the weather very nice... very hot but sometime windy. I like summer, so much activity. One from them is braderie and rommelmarkt. Today is rommelmarkt around my home. I like to serching Card Games Boy Pokemon another version. My dad said this is the biggest rommelmarkt. Indeed very big, I am very tired walking almost 2.5 hour. So hot and thirsty. And I didnt get what I want it. :( 
Go to Koninginnehof
Time to feeding duck and bird at Koninginnehof Oostende. My mum colleceted old bread for give to duck at here. Me and my sis-bro very enthusiastic to feeding duck and bird. At this park, so much facility for playing. I love to play, special cross river with special boat and I must turn the steering for can be to the other place. My dad help me to turn the steering... 

Friday, July 01, 2011

Review Zwin Park Nature
Knokke Heist Belgium

The Souvenir
I Was There
I went to Zwin last summer. This is nature park specialis for heron rookery (ooievaar). All comunitas heron/ooievaar you can find at here. Very amazing. Some area have been renovation. Zwin Park located in Knokke Heist City. I like revisit to there again. Maybe in this summer holiday.