Saturday, December 31, 2011

From Christmas to New Year

Sinterklaas was activity routine in early December. I always went to there with my siblings. Before Christmas, me and my family go to Netherlands to my mum family and stay for 1 week at there. 

Before went to Huizen NL, I got package from mamatua. She sent me chocolate and some bratwurst (sosis) for into grill. So happy, my Christmas so delicious. 

On Thursday after school, I went to Huizen NL with all my family. We went to home from my mum family. I called her Oma, because my mum said, she almost the same age with my Grandmother in Bandung Indonesia. We spent for 6 day at there. I got sick when back to Oostende. I hope new year eve I can celebrate with my family. 

Wishing you all happy new year 2012. This picture take in Laken City NL, at the Grote Markt.