Friday, September 26, 2008

Juff Joke from Kapoentje
This is Joke (read : Yoke) from Kapoentje. This was a last day she came to visit Abram, coz she moved to other city which is Roeselare City Far out Oostende. Lucky for her, because she come alone. I made bihun goreng, lumpia and gave krupuks for her. That was special dinner for her and her boyfriend. Hopely they like my cook.

Bramtje didn't understand about this, he only think the juffrouw just said goodbye like she did when finished visit him. I shoted some photos for memory when Abram grow up and he will remember again about Joke who was care him so much and support him. And also memory for her when she looking this website.

My home always open for you Dear Joke. Succes for you with the new life in Roeselare City and never forget us

rony, yolanda, abram, aubree and aldrich
20 September 2008, we did barbeque of the backyard...
Nice weather, but little bit windy.